Green Park Prati di Caprara – Parco dei Pini – Borgo Panigale

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Via Prati di Caprara – Prati di Caprara

Via del Triumvirato – Parco dei Pini 


Prati di Caprara is a green park right in the heart of the Bologna city centre, near the Ospedale Maggiore. It used to be employed as horse racing grounds before the Unification of Italy and was then taken over by the military authority that used it for training, manoeuvres and parades, horse riding competitions for cavalry officials and horse races The area continued to host horse riding events until the new Ippodromo Zappoli was built outside Porta San Felice.

TPER bus there: 19, 35, 36, 38 Saffi stop
TPER bus back: 13 Palazzetto

Prati di Caprara is one of the city’s green spaces used to host initiatives, picnics, events and walks and provides the city of Bologna and its inhabitants with a place where they can stay – an “invaluable public heritage of sustainable services” that have led it to ranking second in the FAI – Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano national classification. The area is currently at risk of deforestation due to a redevelopment project that envisages commercial interventions and construction work in the area between the Stadium and Prati di Caprara.
Our excursion starts in Via del Chiù and ends in Parco dei Pini in Borgo Panigale. It is a walk through an underground urban setting made up of the buildings behind the railway station, an area that usually remains unexplored. The excursion starts and ends in two beautiful parks connected via pavements, grey gates, trafficked roads and one-way cycle paths but that is worth venturing on to see an unusual side of Bologna – the real everyday Bologna, made up of contemporary culture and urban rediscovery.
The start point is surrounded by beautiful lawns. The cycle path is popular with the locals who often use it to walk their dogs, jog or take advantage of the benches to rest and meet up, the perfect cue for reflection. Proceeding straight for approx. 1.50km, the road meets Via Bugatti, left of which there is a small bridge leading to Via del Chiù on the right-hand side.
It’s quite a delicate bit as we pass in front of a Stop sign and need to be careful as there is no pavement. We continue along Via del Chiù as far as Via Agucchi, which takes us back to the residential area featuring disabled car barks and green grocer shops. Via Agucchi leads to Via Emilia to the bridge, after which we turn into Via Del Triumvirato continuing as far as Parco dei Pini. This is a suburban park that welcomes the everyday life of the locals who stroll there day after day. Behind the theatre, there are some walls with some very interesting street art. The park is completely accessible. The station of Borgo Panigale is right on the other side – a convenient access ramp enables travellers to reach the platform and wait for the train.
On the way back to Bologna on bus no. 13, an interesting intermediate stop is Santa Viola – Fondazione Golinelli, which features an accessible ATM at a suitable sight for wheelchairs.

Historic and cultural sites

Teatri di Vita
Teatri di Vita, one of the theatres partner with the Bologna Municipality, is right in Parco dei Pini and focuses on the development of contemporary art forms through theatrical and cinema productions, international theatrical and dance performances, interdisciplinary festivals, training and educational activities as well as artistic residency projects. Ever since 1993, it has represented a significant place of cultural production and promotion both in the city of Bologna and within the Emilia-Romagna region. It is a point of reference for the increasing demand for contemporary and international performances and for new models of cultural exchange.
Teatri di Vita is completely accessible via a large foyer furnished with sofas and featuring a lovely window overlooking the park. Accessible toilet
Via Emilia Ponente, 485 – Tel. 3334666333
every working day between 3 and 6 pm, festivities two hours prior to an event


Fondazione Opificio Golinelli
The Fondazione covers 9,000 sq m and welcomes around 150,000 visitors a year. Established in Bologna in 1988 by entrepreneur and philanthropist Marino Golinelli, it is a unique example in Italy of a private foundation inspired by the model of American philanthropic foundations. It focuses on education, training and culture to favour the intellectual and ethical growth of the younger generations and society in general. One of its most important strategic purposes is to provide youngsters with tools to grow responsibly – both form a civil and social point of view – thus favouring a more conscientious and civilised society. The foundation often hosts cultural activities such as La Scienza in tavola, Art City, temporary exhibitions,etc. It is completely accessible and also boasts a bar perfect to have a snack after visiting the Opificio and Centro delle arti e scienze. Disabled toilet
Via Paolo Nanni Costa 14  Tel.  051.0923200


Fondazione MAST
Next to CDH Hotel we find MAST – an international cultural and philanthropic institution based on Technology, Art and Innovation. MAST favours projects that focus on identity, develop new ideas and create new connections. It hosts many artistic events and performances as well as the beautiful Foto Industria 2017 exhibition, which also includes symbolic locations within the city
Via Speranza 42 Tel. 051.6474345


Where to sleep

Hotel Maggiore
Hotel Maggiore is a welcoming facility that showers its guests with attentions. It is located in a central position outside the limited traffic zone near the Ospedale Maggiore – 1.5 km from the city centre (that can easily be reached by bus or bike), 10 mins from the airport, Ducati and Unipol Arena and near many important companies as well as leading scientific dissemination centres Opificio Golinelli and MAST. Hotel Maggiore is popular with both business and leisure clients. All common areas (hall, breakfast room, bars, ten floors, garage) are accessible, as well as 10% of the rooms, which feature accessible toilets.
The rate ranges from €70.00 to €180.00, excluding peak times during fair season. Breakfast € 7.00/day
Via Emilia Ponente, 62/3 – 40133 Bologna, Santa Viola area


CDH Hotel
CDH Hotel Bologna, a 4-star hotel, is located near the “Borgo Panigale” motorway exit, G. Marconi airport and Unipol Arena. It boasts 95 modern rooms, 2 meeting rooms, a large free carpark and a garage. Buffet breakfast with fresh high-quality ingredients. Free Wi-Fi.
Disabled guests can reach all parts of the hotel as there are no columns or steps. 4 rooms are reserved to disabled guests. A few car park spaces are reserved to disabled guests.
Min: € 45 – Max: € 330. Average rate € 80
Viale Palmiro Togliatti, 9/2 | 40132 Bologna | tel no. +39 051 4380027 | 3 km exit A1 Borgo Panigale – 3 km Aeroporto Marconi – 7 km city centre; bus line 19, stop 200 m from the hotel.


Where to eat

Chiosco ai Pini
Crescentine, tigelle and cold-cut platters in a homely atmosphere with paper place mats and wooden furniture. Open until late · Al fresco dining · Welcoming
Via Emilia Ponente, 351 Tel no. 051 568126


Artisan shops and workshops (bicycle workshops, shops selling orthopaedic products, hardware stores)

Ortopedia Sanitaria Forni
Via M. Em. Lepido, Bologna 145/D Tel.051 402270

Farmacia del Borgo SNC – via Marco Emilio Lepido, 147
Phone no: 051.400135

Farmacia della Scala – via Marco Emilio Lepido, 45
Phone no: 051.400191

Farmacia del Villaggio Panigale – via Normandia, 14
Phone no: 051.400290

Accessible ATMs
Near bus stop 13 – Fondazione Golinelli

Disabled parking spaces

In the proximity of the Parco dei Pini entrance near Teatri di Vita


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