The Project

Accessible tourism in the green and in the city

Bologna. A wonderful city that dazzles for its countless opportunities and sceneries. The hospitality which characterises this city is already denoted by the food, rich and tasty, by the historical walls that seem to wrap you in a warm embrace, by the attention and commitment of the commercial and productive activities that intertwine tradition with innovation. A city observed from a particular point of view: proposing walks in the countryside and showing certain areas of the city that can be accessed even by disabled people on wheelchairs.

How it it organised
Angolazioni rotonde (Round angles) is divided into two sections: the city and the countryside - involving certain areas of the Metropolitan City of Bologna. We are very proud of this periurban characteristic; nature can often be harsh and arduous, but, in spite of this, we can find some interesting hiking opportunities. It not always holds true that what is considered impossible is a total limitation; we rather believe that, although certain of not being able to radically change the state of things, maybe certain conditions and circumstances can be more flexible than they seem.

A digital guide
Angolazioni rotonde (Round angles) is a digital guide that does not reflect the rigorous and systematic parameters of a proper catalogue concerning the site accessibility, defined through centimetres and ruler, but which allows us to imagine perimeters that are more flexible, extendible and plastic. A guide which focuses on the different degrees of motor disability: from the total use of the wheelchair, to the possibility of making a few steps, travelling alone or being accompanied by one or more carers.  An organic guide that draws on existing material published on Institutional websites and on the web pages of the territorial bodies and is enriched by our pragmatic contribution, since we personally carried out tests on the territory that is described.

All the periurban routes proposed follow a ring route. In fact, they have been designed with the intent of giving a meaning to these ten walks in the green areas that cross and delimit the city. Easy walks requiring, however, the presence of several accompanying guides due to various steep slopes and to some unpaved stretches. Walks that explore oases, narrow streets on the gullies, a short tour to the Parco dei Gessi (Park of Bolognese Gypsums) or that follow the city cycle paths crossing the parks: the green pulsating lungs of Bologna.

Why Round angles
The goal of the project and the mapping carried out so far, and which we hope will continue in the future, is not to put obstacles at the front line but rather to overcome them and to enhance the ability - not diversity - of these travellers. Certainly it will require a little more commitment. We have decided to propose walks and public transports to move around the city and in certain green areas so that visitors can become aware of the place they visit as a whole.

Round angles explores the entire city and does not limit itself to suggesting pre-arranged tours with a thematic thread to follow but includes detailed angles regarding some interesting things to visit whose choice was totally subjective and can be referred to what Bologna represents to us, and which investigates and visually illustrates the everyday life flowing in the veins of this city. An impression from those who live in Bologna, who work there, who were born in the city, who stopped there and then decided to stay.

The desire to gain more knowledge is the spark of this collection and the dystopian utopia that the journey can be a dimension that cannot be denied, a source to draw from to explore what is still unknown and, as for the great explorers, to meet schools of thought that allow to overcome those beliefs that frequently place limits instead of reducing and eluding them.

A useful tool to consult to walk in the streets full of shops and workshops, in the alleyways where you can spot frescoed porticoes, unexpected courtyards and churches on the hills; maps to let yourself be dazzled by the amazing views, fragrances that pinch your sense of smell, maps that mark possible experiences to share with your travelling companions in wheelchairs, with crutches, strollers or on foot.


Progetto a cura di Cervelli in Azione con il supporto del CAI Bologna e Consulta Escursionismo Bologna con il contributo di: Comune di Bologna, Dipartimento Economia e Promozione della Città | Bologna Made

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