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Tips about disability

When to go

Spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit the city and retrace our proposals in green.
In summer there is a lot of humidity, a climate that distinguishes northern Italian cities far from the sea, and in winter, on the other hand, the cold could limit the excursions for those who use wheelchairs. This does not mean that each season has its precious singularity in fact you could certainly see the colorful Christmas tree in Piazza del Nettuno or attend from July to August the programming organized in Piazza Maggiore by the Cineteca di Bologna: Under the stars of the cinema. Films of great research and quality outdoors, under the starry mantle

Before leaving

Bologna is a city which pays a particular attention to its citizens and visitors. The roads are cleaned every day, although unfortunately it is not rare to find some broken glass on the ground. So here are a few tips:

Never forget to

  • Tighten the screws of the wheelchair before leaving;
  • Inflate the wheels of the wheelchair;
  • Buy the "Tip top" tire repair kit for any punctures in the wheels;
  • Make a note of the size and brand of the wheelchair in case of revision abroad;
  • Bring the EU Disability Parking Card with you.

Useful services for wheelchair users

Assistance to get on and off the train -> SALABLU

If you want to get on a train and need help, the Sala Blu is the place for you!
To request the assistance service, the traveller can:

1) Send an e-mail to the Sala Blu of Bologna ( specifying:

  • the station of departure, arrival or connection between one train and another;
  • the day and the time of departure/return with the chosen train;
  • the type of assistance (with or without a forklift, with a wheelchair provided by the RFI, other useful information);
  • a telephone number for the customer to be contacted, if necessary.

2) Call the national number +39  reachable from both landlines and mobile phones

3) Use the  app

The assistance service should be required at latest the day before departure.

TPER Bus - Passenger Transport Emilia Romagna

Each bus is equipped with a platform (manual or electric) to get on and off with wheelchairs and has a dedicated seat for wheelchairs. When the bus arrives it is advisable to immediately inform the driver that the use of the platform is required; as the driver is not always able to identify a disabled person from the rear-view mirror. Another recommendation is to wait for the bus near the pavement so that the driver can be aware of you with a simple glance. 
It is important to point out that many push-button panels in the places dedicated for disabled passengers do not work; therefore, it is good practice to remind the driver of the chosen stop - even when it will be the next one - so that he/she can bring the bus as close as possible to the pavement and facilitate the descent.

To consult the bus timetables please refer to the website of Tper 

You can also use the TPER Hello bus text service to obtain information on the urban and suburban lines: just type a text message as follows:

look at the number of the stop and enter a space followed by the number of the bus you are waiting for as in the following example:
4022 27
stop bus n.

send the text message to Vodafone number: 431 431 4

Within a few seconds you will receive a reply SMS. The cost of the text message depends on the rates of your operator. The service is also active for the suburban lines 87, 88, 89, 90, 81/91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98.

All information can also be obtained by calling (in multi-frequency mode) the Tper call centre at the number 051 290 290

Permits and authorisations for access to the Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL) with your own vehicle

Permits and authorisations for access to the Limited Traffic Zone  (ZTL) with your own vehicle
 Download the Form and after completing it send it via FAX at the number (+39) 051. 4686080.

Below is the English translation to help you in filling in the form. Remember to use the original though!

Or fill in the Onlinerequest format 

Each communication must be signed by the applicant and accompanied by a valid identity document of the holder of the ticket and of the signatory (if different from the holder).

The numberplate will be included in the list of vehicles authorised for access to the ZTL for the period indicated in the communication and in any case without exceeding the expiry date of the ticket. 
In case of access not previously communicated , it is possible to send the communication within 2 days after access, specifying the date of transit: in this case, the vehicle numberplate will be valid from the indicated date (from 00:00 of 2 days before the communication at the latest). 
For example: the transit made on November 25th can be communicated by November 27th.

The Municipality has published a map with all the  Parking spaces reserved for people with

COTABO Taxi Bologna

If you want to book a taxi, here you can make the priority call that the company offers to people with disabilities. Reservations are accepted for the transport of maximum one disabled person on a non-folding wheelchair. In order to carry out the transport services, the space occupied by the wheelchair must not exceed the dimensions compatible with the wheelchair loading tools: length of 110 cm - width of 72 cm - weight of 300 Kg. Priority taxi operators are obliged to stop the taximeter for the entire duration of the operations carried out by the disabled customer to get on and off the taxi.

You can request a priority taxi any time by directly calling the Radiotaxi number: 051 372727
If you want to book a priority taxi in advance, for the same day or for the following days, you can do it:

Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
by calling the number 051 372525


click here to call the taxi!


Little steps

Accessible for those who can walk or take small steps

Easy way

Accessible for accompanied disabled people who choose only accessible and fairly easy routes


Accessible for accompanied disabled people who also choose more difficult routes

Rec time

Path that can be entirely done without an accompanying person
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