Along the Navile Canal | Parco di Villa Angeletti – Ponte della Bionda

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Your route starts in the Villa Angeletti public park, near Bologna central station. The entrance is on Via de’ Carracci.

TPER bus there: 30 Carracci
TPER bus back: 30 Via del Sostegno

The Villa disappeared forever during the Second World War, leaving 8.5 hectares of parkland, now home to rich natural vegetation. As you stroll through the Park, you will often bump into many lovers of running and people walking along the banks of the Navile canal. The park is accessible, without any notable slopes or holes. Once you have reached Via Gagarin, follow the white path along the Navile and take Via del Navile. Along the way, you will see the sluice that regulates water height in the canal. It once protected the city from enemy boats by controlling the flow of water. This trail will take you right up to the entrance of the Industrial Heritage Museum (Museo del Patrimonio Industriale). The museum is located on Via della Beverara, with greenery and nature all around it. Unfortunately, the bridge that once connected the exit of the museum to the rest of the park’s white path has been temporarily closed. Therefore, to continue on your excursion, we recommend taking bus 30 from Via della Beverara and getting off at the Tangenziale Lame stop.
You will now have arrived in the vicinity of Via del Sostegno. Follow Via del Sostegno to the very end until you reach the towpath. This soft green carpet rolls out before you for almost the entire final part of your route. It feels great to be able to wheel on the grass with your wheelchair. You could actually start your route from this second stage if you like. The Navile flows along the section that is wider but stony and full of grass. When you reach Sostegno del Grassi, the path becomes impractical for wheelchairs. It is therefore better to take the route on your right to reach the Ponte della Bionda bridge, which is also cobbled. We recommend that you have two companions with you to help you overcome the barriers at the points indicated.  At the end of the route, you can return to Via del Sostegno and take bus 30.

Historic and cultural sites

Museo del Patrimonio Industriale (Industrial Heritage Museum)
Inside the museum you can see all handicrafts activities from the past. You will discover which professions the city dwellers practised, what their resources were, such as clay, and what instruments they used to produce silk and make bricks and clay-bricks. To access the museum, call the staff, who will open the gate with accessible entry for you.
Former Galotti Brickworks, Via della Beverara, 123  tel. +39
TIMETABLE: From 16 September to 15 July: Tuesday-Friday 9.00 am -1.00 pm; Saturday and Sunday 10.00 am – 6.30 pm
From 16 July to 15 September: Open for group bookings ONLY. Call +39 051.635661 from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 2 pm at least 3 days before to book


Where to eat

Antica Trattoria da Sandro al Navile
The perfect place for a short break along the way. Da Sandro al Navile opened its doors in 1861 and is one of the oldest eateries in the city, mixing traditional flavours with those more innovative and modern. The ancient trattoria is accessible. However, there are two small steps, one at the entrance and one leading to the tables. They are not very high and can be navigated with the help of your companion.
Via del Sostegno, 15 tel. +39 0516343100


Toilets along the route
Please remember that along the entire route, you will not find any more toilet facilities after the Museum.

Disabled parking spaces

A useful car park can be found opposite the Museo del Patrimonio Industriale (Industrial Heritage Museum)

Angolazioni rotonde

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