Bentivoglio – Oasi La rizza

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Via Bassa degli Albanelli, 13 Bentivoglio


3.6 km of open countryside will be the main attraction for welcoming guests. This excursion starts in Bentivoglio, a small town within the territory of the Metropolitan City of Bologna.

Tper bus: 95 – Bentivoglio Municipio or Bentivoglio Vietta stop. Use the following number to book the bus elevator: 051290290

The Navile canal that passes through the town has ancient origins as the Reno waters have flowed along it from the Casalecchio dock to Malalergo ever since the 12th century. In 1930, the rice from the Bentivoglio paddy fields reached Bologna by boats sailing along the Navile. Before proceeding towards the former paddy field, you can walk around Bentivoglio and visit Palazzo Rosso and the Castle. On passing the hospital square, we will be approaching the starting point of our excursion – a desolate area with just a few cars speeding along the road. The 2.7 km excursion – one way only – starts in via Vietta heading towards Oasi La rizza. There is a 1.7 km dirt road which begins near the bridge crossed by cars. Signs are clear and precise so there is no risk of getting lost. Once arrived, a cute donkey will be the first animal to greet you. At the entrance there is also a restaurant and a B&B where you can stay but which is only open at weekends. Inside the Oasis, we recommend following the path as far as the fork and then bear right. Proceed until you reach a small hut and the lake. These two observation points, which can only be accessed on foot or by bike, were built to observe the characteristics of the aquatic habitat without disturbing the local fauna.
There is just one slightly steep slope halfway along but it is very short and the grass helps wheelchairs proceed without slipping.

Historic and cultural places

Palazzo Rosso
Built in 1887 by Marquis Carlo Alberto Pizzardi, the palace is named after the red brick used in its construction. It is made up of three floors that used to have different functions. The Municipality started managing it and became the owner in 1992. The following year, it started transferring the renewed and extended Municipal Library.
Via Marconi 5, 40010 Bentivoglio


The Castle, known as Domus Jocunditatis, is found nearby. It was commissioned by Giovanni II Bentivoglio, Lord of Bologna between 1463 and 1506. It boasts various decorations illustrating farming life including ‘Le storie del pane’ series of frescoes, painted by an anonymous artist and illustrating all the phases of bread production. The building currently houses the research laboratories of Istituto Ramazzini and is also used for cultural events organized by the Bentivoglio municipal authorities.
Via Saliceto 1, 40010 Bentivoglio

Where to sleep

Hotel Bentivoglio – – Piazza Carlo Alberto Pizzardi, 1 – Phone no. 051 6641111
A farmstead found next to the restaurant in Oasi La rizza.

Where to eat

Pasticceria Ben Ti Voglio
In the Bentivoglio city centre, you will find a delicious pastry shop where many locals and workers gather during their lunch break.  All products are home-made with natural rising agents. The pastry shop is in the heart of the city centre and easily accessible. Entrance ramp and bathroom facilities suitable for disabled guests.
Via Marconi, 27,  40010 Bentivoglio BO Phone no. 051 664 1020


Il ristorante imboscato
Restaurant located inside Oasi La rizza. Simply furnished and welcoming, it serves genuine dishes highly recommended by all aficionados at a reasonable price.
The surroundings are calm and peaceful, so you will be able to take a break from the city and relax in an oasis of tranquillity.
Via Bassa Albanelli 13, 40010 Bentivoglio
Phone no. +39 051 664 0076

Disabled parking places

You can park near the Oasis in
Via Sandro Pertini



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