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Via Rio Conco, 8, 40037 Sasso Marconi BO http://www.ecosistema.it/sangherardo/1000.htm


L’Oasi è aperta una volta al mese. Si consiglia di chiamare prima di andare.


The excursion leading to Oasi San Gherardo Natural Park and Palazzo de’ Rossi is perfect for people passionate about different flora and fauna species. There are sixty-eight hectares stretching through the low River Reno valley, which encompasses the Calanchi di S. Gherardo, or gullies, and the great Balzo dei Rossi, the rock face that is home to nesting peregrine falcons.

 TPER bus: 92. Stop: Pontecchio Borghetti
TPER bus: 92. Stop: Pontecchio scuole

Please note: there is no pavement at the stop and the bus drops you on the actual road. Take care when you have to cross the road because cars travel at speed along Via Porrettana.

The 3.7-km-long route is almost entirely on tarmac, apart from the visit inside the Oasi Natural Park. We recommend going with two companions. Get off bus 92 and take Via del Chiù, which allows you to go along less congested, more residential narrow roads. Go over the bridge that passes over the motorway and therefore avoids the speedy cars. You will now immediately encounter gentle slopes, but they are passable.
At the end of Via del Chiù, you will come across a downward slope. It is best to ask both your companions to help at this point. Via Vezzano starts with a charming, ancient long and narrow bridge leading to the other side of the River Reno. With the cool blue water, the green fields around you and the burgundy-coloured metal beams of the bridge, you will step into an almost fairy-tale place of utter calm. Once over the bridge, carry straight on until the crossroads with Via Ancognano. Make sure you do not turn at the crossroads. The correct direction is straight on along Via Rio Conco and will take you right up to the entrance to the Oasi natural park. There are two steep slopes here, too, more than 40°. We recommend asking both your companions to help. One of these slopes is near the B&B RioConco, which is nestled in the Oasi natural park.

Unfortunately, however, the Oasi park is not accessible. Even so, it is really worth going up to the entrance and talking to Andrea, who will tell you the history and stories of this site of natural beauty, giving you in-depth information about the animals and plants living there.
To return to the starting point, go back the way you came, but when you reach the bridge, continue along Via Vizzano until Via Porrettana, where you will find another uphill slope – also this one steep – connecting to a busier section of road leading to Palazzo de’ Rossi.

Palazzo de’ Rossi is a hamlet, a courtyard where the local residents live. But it is also used for Gala events, ceremonies and conferences. The Castle was built on two levels, so as to have a sunnier part and a cooler part in the shade, close to the Reno canal. From here, you can take the 92 to the Pontecchio scuole stop.

Where to sleep

B&b RioConco
This country house nestled in the countryside is the first stopover on La Via degli Dei. On the winding paths of the Oasi San Gherardo natural park, where you can observe local flora and fauna. The room is large with plenty of natural light and an en-suite bathroom. You can walk straight out of your room onto a terrace, where you can soak up the sun in summer or enjoy the snow and the peaceful woodland in winter. Breakfast is included in the price.
Via Rio Conco, 6, 40037 Sasso Marconi BO  Tel. +39 3341434529

The Ancient de’ Rossi Hamlet
Renovation of the ancient hamlet with its little Hotel and the Castle’s inn is nearing completion.
Palazzo de’ Rossi:  Via Palazzo Rossi, 40037 Pontecchio Marconi, Sasso Marconi BO


Where to eat

Ancient de’ Rossi Hamlet
In the Palazzo de’ Rossi courtyard lies a chic restaurant. It is perfect for celebrating special occasions, gala dinners or a romantic evening.
Via Palazzo Rossi, 40037 Pontecchio Marconi, Sasso Marconi BO

Osteria Colle Ameno
, you will be served an excellent burger at this accessible place whose specialities are burgers and salads!
A long ramp at the entrance takes you directly to the tables. The toilets are also in line with accessibility regulations. The Hamlet has cobbled paving. You can reach the burger restaurant by maintaining a wheelie.
Borgo di Colle ameno, 3/1, 40037 Sasso Marconi BO



Toilets along the way

Inside the Oasi natural park, you can enter the red barn, where there are toilets, and little tables where you can take a rest and recharge your batteries a bit after the first part of the route. As we have already mentioned, you will find all the history of the Oasi San Gherardo natural park in the red barn, as well as the information material.



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