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This 3.6 km excursion crosses Parco del Lungosavena. We will start from the Parco dei Cedri entrance in Via Cracovia among the large lawns dotted with monumental trees planted during the past century and partly made up of the woodland typically found along our waterways.

TPER bus there: 19 – Cracovia stop
TPER bus back: 27 – Piazzale Atleti Azzurri d’Italia stop

We will get the chance to visit the “Luigi Donini” Prehistoric Museum exhibiting artefact found in the nearby Parco Regionale dei Gessi Bolognesi and featuring interesting reconstructions of life in the valleys from the end of the ice-age to the first stable human settlements in the Villanovan age.
This museum in San Lazzaro di Savena is the first stop on our excursion. The artefacts were all discovered locally and illustrate life in a remote time when the Savena, Zena and Idice valleys were inhabited by large wild animals and by men who hunted and harvested down to the first settlements.
After visiting this small gem, our excursion continues along the Savena river, following the traces and the natural border this waterway marks with Parco dei Cedri. Ancient monumental trees alternate with poplars, willows, alders and ashes lining large meadows crossed by paths leading to our last stop, the Gianni Falchi baseball stadium in Piazzale Atleti Azzurri d’Italia.
Right outside the stadium there is the Piazzale Atleti Azzuri d’Italia stop where we can take bus 27 back to the city centre.

The route, albeit of intermediate difficulty, is suitable for wheelchair users who can therefore enjoy nature and the local territory. The route is of medium-hard difficulty. We recommend having two strong escorts with you. The route includes grass and paths with branches, stones and slopes.

Historic and cultural sites

“Luigi Donini” Prehistoric Museum
The museum, owned by the San Lazzaro di Savena municipality which re-founded and reopened it to the public in 1985, boasts a strong connection with the unique territory of the Bologna Apennines. It illustrates the environment surrounding the Gessi Bolognasi with its natural and landscape values and displays testimonies of the first human settlements.
The museum is entirely accessible with a few narrower passages where wheelchairs can pass one at a time. Toilet suitable for disabled guests. Concessions
Via Fratelli Canova, 49 – San Lazzaro di Savena (BO),,
Phone no. 051 465132


Polish Cemetery
With 1418 graves, it is the largest of the four cemeteries commemorating the Polish soldiers who died in Italy during the Second World War. It accommodates the mortal remains of the soldiers who fell fighting to liberate the Emilian city. The contribution provided by Polish soldiers to the liberation of Bologna is remembered by both the Municipality and the citizens – there is a monument dedicated to Gen. Waldislaw Anders (photos 28-35) who founded the 2nd Polish military corps who fought alongside the Anglo-Americans during the Italian campaign. [Extract from the Municipality website]
Via Giuseppe Dozza,

Gianni Falchi Baseball Stadium
The facility is used for the home games of Fortitudo Baseball Bologna, one of the two strongest teams in Bologna together with its rival Virtus. Opened in 1969, it has hosted matches from the Baseball World Cup.
Piazzale Atleti Azzurri D’Italia, 1 Phone no. 051.479618


Where to eat

Circolo Arci San Lazzaro di Savena
Not far off our route, you can relax in this place which welcomes adults, children and young people alike. One of the largest circolo Arci in Bologna and the surrounding areas.
Completely accessible
Via Bellaria n. 7 san Lazzaro,, Phone no. 051.451200




Toilets along the route
Please remember that along the entire route, you will not find any more toilet facilities after the Museum.


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