Parco dei Gessi “La Palazza” – Buca dei Vinchi

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Parco dei Gessi


The area we have tested goes from La Palazza to a small passage also known as Buca dei Vinchi. Path 802a connects 802 to 817.
You get there by car. La Palazza entrance.
Two panels report information on karst phenomena and the meadows crossed by the path. La Palazza is the entrance towards the Miserazzano plateau that will lead us to our destination. The walk is not long as, unfortunately, the route is not very accessible with slopes and dirt roads, which though make the panorama truly beautiful. For this reason, we decided to test and recommend this short excursion. It is the perfect occasion for a picnic outdoors. The first stretch on the left-hand side of the entrance shows the calanchi and the chalk part. A steep yet short slope takes us to the path leading to a meadow located right in the middle of the park, at a crossways to Buca dei Vinchi or other destinations.
A wooden walkway used to allow disabled people to continue along the path and reach the meadow where the accessible path used to start. However, it has not been maintained over the years and is now unusable.
The accessible area is rather limited. The route is of medium-hard difficulty. We recommend having two strong escorts with you. The route includes grass and paths with branches, stones and slopes.

Where to eat

A rustic inexpensive experience in close contact with nature. A do-it-yourself picnic in the open air

Disabled parking spaces

You can park near the La Palazza entrance


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