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Villa Gargagnani – For information and reservations Tel. 051 75.28.38 Tuesday 10 am – 7 pm Saturday by appointment – Office of the Villa Garagnani (1° flore)

Museo Ca’ la Ghironda – Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 15.00 to 19.00. Holidays from 15.00 to 19.00 The ticket office always closes half an hour before.


The excursion to Zola Predosa involves a train ride. Brand new TPER trains, which are step-free and to platform level and therefore accessible, take you to the Zola Central station – City Hall stop.
On the way back, you can take the train from Ponte Ronca near the Modern Art Museum at Ca’ la Ghironda, i.e. the last stop on our excursion.

The route is flat and 4-5 km long. You access the cycle path directly from the Zola central station. You initially cross the Palazzo Albergati’s Parco Giardino Campagna, Zola’s green area with great social and environmental value.

The park covers over twenty hectares in total – the woods boast around 900 plants of different species, creating a unique landscape. The park is also used for educational activities that actively involve both the inhabitants and the institutions. It also features signs and walkways for the visually impaired. The excursion continues with stretches of pavement along the main road: while cars pass by on the right-hand side, green hills form the landscape on the left-hand side. The route also crosses the centre of the city, showing an urban area characterised by low houses with red and brown façades reminiscent of the Bologna style. After crossing the city, the open countryside filled with vineyards opens up before us. Sculptures suddenly appear as we get closer to our destination.
Along the way, by booking in advance, you can see the Art Déco frescoes and décor at Villa Garagnani and visit two wineries, wine being one of the staples of the Zola Pedrosa culinary tradition.
The route is completely accessible, with only one steep slope leading to the Modern Art Museum.


Historic and cultural sites

Villa Garagnani
A middle-class home dating back to the second-half of the 1700s, the villa is also known as villa dei Sindaci, as the last inhabitants were the mayors Emilio Giusti and Ferdinando Garagnani. The latter married Edvige Baldi Randi who inherited the villa as a dowry, and this is why it is named after him. IAT Colli bolognesi – Uffici Informazione Turisti report the fact that the loggia, which used to be a coach house and stable, later became the noble entrance to welcome guests and was therefore decorated with Ionic columns and large frescoes depicting natural landscapes, mythological figures such as sphinxes, temple ruins and leopard skins. What makes this place even more special is the fresco in the parlour, attributed to the school of the famous Bologna 19th-century painter Antonio Basoli. The style of this fresco reflects the practice also known as boschereccia, an optical illusion that breaks up a small rustic environment opening up to a view beyond the wall. We recommend asking to use the entrance carpet of the Villa to eliminate a low step thereby making the entrance accessible. The entire Villa is on one floor with no architectural barriers. Accessible toilets.
Via Masini 11 Zola Predosa www.villagaragnani.it/home – Phone no. 051.6161731



Modern Art Museum Ca’ la Ghironda
The museum is located in Ponte Ronca, 2 km from Zola Predosa, surrounded by a park covering ten hectares and boasting a wide variety of plants. The Centre displays over one hundred works of art by artists such as Capogrossi, De Chirico, Fontana, Depero, Morandi, Picasso, Chagall etc. It is also the ideal place for conferences, conventions and concerts. The park surrounding the villa is also home to over 200 sculptures by Italian and foreign artists (Manzù, Cascella, Mastronunzio, Ghermandi, Yasuda, Monari, Stahler).
The atelier space is reserved for educational activities and exhibitions of works by young artists.
The museum is completely accessible and facilities are suitable for disabled guests. Unfortunately the entrance is rather difficult and we recommend being escorted by two people
Via Leonardo da Vinci, 19 – 40069 Zola Predosa (BO) – www.ghironda.it/page_1/index.php


Where to sleep

Ghironda Resort
You can spend the night at the fantastic Ca’ La Ghironda resort. Holiday flats in Ponte Ronca to get away from the city and spend some time in the countryside
Via Leonardo da Vinci, 19/1 40069 Ponte Ronca di Zola Predosa (BO)
www.ghironda.it/page_1338897339384/resort.html Phone no. 051 757229

Where to eat

Cantina Milena Lodi
Az. agr. Lodi Milena in Zola Predosa (BO) specialises in the production and sale of unbottled and bottled WINE. We recommend booking a tasting session in case of a large group.
Partial accessibility, ground floor only. The owners are very helpful and will find the perfect solution for you.
Via Risorgimento 209 – Loc. Ponte Ronca – www.facebook.com/Azienda-Agricola-Lodi-Milena Phone no. 340/9036684



Artisan shops and workshops (bicycle workshops, shops selling orthopaedic products, hardware stores)

Sanitaria Ortopedia Simonazzi
Via Predosa, 4, 40069 Zola Predosa BO
Tel. 051.755836

Farmacia Legnani – via Risorgimento, 232
Phone no.: 051 755135

Toilettes along the way
Villa Gargagnani
Museo Ca’ la Ghironda


Disabled parking spaces

Near the Zola Centro station – City Hall stop.
Near Museo Ca’ la Ghironda


Angolazioni rotonde
INFO: info@angolazionirotonde.it

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